Saturday, September 10, 2016


  The last time I flew was in 2002 when I returned from a bike trip in Ireland.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't fly again, but when we flew over Iceland I and I looked down I thought, maybe someday.
  Someday came.  Gail and I took a wonderful two-week trip to Iceland in August and found out first hand why it has become such a popular destination.  We decided against doing a bike trip based on weather reports and road conditions we'd read about; the weather turned out to be better than we expected but the roads didn't look inviting to biking for various reasons.  Renting bikes is as expensive as taking them on the plane, so we rented a little car and drove the circumference of the island including the West Fjords which is like an appendage sticking off the northwest part.
  In Icelandic, the spelling of Iceland is Island, but it was named for ice in a fjord someone encountered long ago, not the fact that it is an island.
  We had a pretty good idea of our itinerary, but left some room for modifications and on the first day I purchased a book about the geology which turned out to be a useful guide for many of the places we went.  Enjoy the pictures (click on them for full screen views), read the narrative if you are at work, and if you are convinced to go, I recommend not going in June, July or August unless you either like crowds or are OK with skipping some of the amazing sites.
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