Saturday, September 10, 2016


  Every trip we take is made a little more interesting by doing some reading, whether it's books about the place before we go or information on placards or local publications while we're there.  Imagine the thrill I felt when I saw the announcement for the ram groping competition and realized we'd be right there when it was happening.  I've been practicing my whole life for this!
  Icelandic is pretty tough to figure out, I was glad the second sign had a graphic image to help the illiterate.  By the way, since I don't have a keyboard with Icelandic alphabet I'm making up my own English spelling for places and certain terms, and I'm using feet and miles for measurements even thought they use metric.
  I tried the advice in the third one about letting my pants fall, results were unexpected but I'm not going into details as this trip report is going to be long enough.  Let's just say there were no charges filed.
  Good thing they included using a lupine flower over your head to keep the Arctic Terns away when we went to the nesting cliffs at Skalanes because sticks were few and far between.

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