Saturday, September 10, 2016


  Our tour book listed 23 waterfalls of interest in Iceland, we made it to about ten, drawn by the description in the book and signage posted on the roads.  The top one is a big deal in Iceland's history because it's where the guy who recited the laws at the annual governing council threw all his idols after choosing to follow Christianity over Norse paganism around 1000 AD.  It's appropriately called Godafoss.
  The middle one is Dynjandi, the first official falls we encountered.  The road over the mountains it starts in was a real eye opener with it's twists and turns, no guardrails, and endless amazing views.  Come to think of it, the road up and over the mountain after Dynjandi had more of the same.
  Selfoss, on the bottom, believe it or not, is overshadowed by Dettifoss about 500 yards downstream.  Because Selfoss is separated into a number of falls it doesn't count as Europe's most powerful waterfall.  That goes to Dettifoss where all the water goes over in a single stream.  Picky, picky, picky.

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