Saturday, September 10, 2016


  The trip wasn't all about pleasure.  I had to punch the clock and get to work in the Herring Factory Museum and Gail had to shop for yarn in almost every grocery store we visited.  She'll be making authentic Icelandic sweaters for both of us.
  That's a joke about going to work in the herring factory, but it's a reality in one town we visited.  They are trying to entice tourists to go to their remote small town and doing it by having them tour and get some hands-on experience in the fish processing plants.  We didn't fall for it, we just visited the town to try out their pool and hot pots and even though we got there when the place was closed for a midday siesta or something, we found a nice little overlook of the fjord and had our own little siesta.  Later at the pool I heard a woman say, "Now that I'm back in Ithaca living with my parents..."  Small country indeed.

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