Monday, May 30, 2016


A couple weeks ago my neighbor and I went out to Shindagin Hollow to do trail maintenance on a section of the Finger Lakes Trail we take care of.  It's always a pleasure since it's such a nice corner of the county, but timing was in our favor this year.  We started noticing patches of white trillium as we went down into the valley, but when we got near the bottom we saw it in a way neither of us had ever experienced before.  After clearing up the trail we went back for a walk along the hillside, the trillium looked like this for about a half a mile along the road.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Making The Paper

Gail likes to claim I'm a media whore who is always trying to get into the paper.  While not entirely unfounded, I did turn down an opportunity last week to pose in front of a dilapidated house a few feet from the bank of Fall Creek below Ithaca Falls.  The commission I'm on is in favor of the city demolishing the house and adding the property to the natural area.  While talking to the reporter about the subject he asked me if I wanted to meet him at the house for some pictures.  I declined.
Little did I know just a few days later I'd be walking home in the rain and surreptitiously get in this photo of the new hotel by the Commons.  Look closely, that's me in the dark jacket with the black umbrella on the far right at the other end of the bridge.
Yes, I stole this photo from the Ithaca Journal and since I saw the guy take the picture I carefully checked each of the 21 photos they put on the website to see if I made it.
Slut that I am.