Thursday, December 31, 2015

Working Closer to Home

Gail ended a 12-year career as a librarian at Mann Library, a job she got right off an internship while getting her MLS from Syracuse.  She was there for the renovation, and I'm told it wasn't done at her request to make the place more cozy, but she's heading across campus to Olin, known as the Mother Ship.  It will be a little shorter commute, closer to the bell tower, and on the rare occasion she doesn't take her lunch, a short jaunt to Collegetown for food.

Not Looking Much Like Christmas

Instead of snow for Christmas, we got blossoms and three inch garlic sprouts.  Here are some flowers I found around town this week.  While it's true we hit almost 60 degrees during the same week last year and then ended up with deep snow from January to April, the ground was already frozen so when the snow did come, it stayed. Can't really see that happening this winter.