Friday, September 09, 2016

Honoring Mary Ellen

  After Mary Ellen spent eight months in the Hospicare residence here in Ithaca at the end of her life, the kitchen was about to be remodeled.  Frank wanted to make a donation, and encouraged others to do the same, so that something could be done as a way to honor Mary Ellen that would make the residence an even more fantastic place than it already was. 
  Since the kitchen is primarily for the staff to prepare meals for the residents, we were often in the way when heating up our own meals or getting a refreshment while visiting.  The idea of an area where families could do a little food prep or to sit and relax without disrupting the kitchen was proposed.
  Mary Ellen's Corner, a little nook with a sink, microwave, some cupboards and a table that is near the residents' rooms was designed and created.  It's really sweet, and many of us were able to gather over Labor Day Weekend to have a little ceremony complete with a ribbon cutting.

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