Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Days of Winter

Bean Sprint on South Hill Rec Way from Joe McMahon on Vimeo.

Due to a tendency to chase deer, Bean is forbidden to go off-leash. In our neighborhood that's over a hundred-foot cliff, after crossing the street. Out in the country his yapping pursuit call is a signal to coyotes to come and get a snack. Last winter he busted loose when clipped to my belt loops, then actually ripped my belt, so Gail rigged up what so far is a harness that's a Deerslayer Stopper. Check him out starting around 50 seconds as he looks right when we pass Killbuck Corners.

Dog Days of Winter

Van Atta Dam Ithaca from Joe McMahon on Vimeo.

The snow all went on one 50-degree day that came with over an inch of rain. Had it been two or three inches I think the remains of the building would be gone today. Here's a bit of what it made Six Mile Creek look like at Van Atta Falls near our house, and what Bean thinks of it as water instead of snow. Funny, the only other time he barks like this is if he's in a car and the windshield wipers are turned on. I'm pretty glad neither scenario happens very often.