Saturday, September 10, 2016


  At a farm we stayed at I asked the proprietor where we could go hiking, he pointed at the door and said, "Go out that door."  He got a little more specific and told us to follow his new hydro power system they are excavating and turn at the sheep path and follow it until we got to the gap.  We were then to pick a spot not too steep and get up to the next flat area, taking care to mark where we'd gone up so that on the return we didn't walk off a cliff, then we'd be able to get up a less steep section to the summit.
  We didn't make it.  The steep part had so much loose rock that when we wanted to get up it at the same place rock slides would make it tougher going for the person below.  The picture on top with Gail admiring the view is where we turned back.  We followed the sheep up a less steep path on the other side of the gap where we hung out awhile with some nice views.  If you zoom in on the second picture you might be able to pick out where Gail is sitting and drawing.  The third picture shows the whole scene, the dark line at the bottom left is the excavation with a rather large excavator at the bottom of the black line, the gap is just before the waterfall on the far right and the steep part is just below and to the left of the dark spot below and to the left of the snow.
  When we were headed back down we passed the farmer working on his new hydro system and learned about new laws making it more economically feasible for people to put them in.  He also told us about his share in a salmon fishing permit and how that system is going and hopefully improving and being more sustainable for more people (and the salmon).  When he asked about the hike I said it got pretty steep so we turned back and he replied, "Well, it is a mountain!"
  The next morning I had just enough time to hike solo up to the spot of snow across the road from the farm, both of which can be seen in the bottom photo.

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