Monday, April 16, 2007

Snowday, sad day

when snow falls stays packs
when the day is carefree
when work is set aside
when flowers bloom

say hi to a neighbor
smile at a stranger
support a friend

there's no need
to care about
who it may


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Real progress

The other day I was looking at our car and thinking, "As convenient and useful as they are, they really turn us into self-centered, reckless, destroyers of life." I continued thinking, "What if those of us who really don't need one decided to get rid of their car? It's not like there won't be any (until gas is reserved solely for the military, but that's another blog). We'll still be able to use one when we really need to, lots of nice people we know may still let us use their car or give us a ride. Of course, we'd have to refrain from pointing out all the absurdities associated with rampant car use, we want to avoid becoming insufferable after all." I admit, I started to get a little dizzy...

The disappearing car...

Then I noticed the car being enveloped in this strange mist, or fog...

And it was gone

And then when the fog cleared, all that was left was two license plates on the ground! We'll see now if we really can get along without one.