Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

At the swimmin' hole

It's that time of year again when the best place to cool off is in the gorge, and I did some exterior decorating at my favorite spot in Six Mile Creek. Best rock I've ever worked with. Learn more: http://www.sixmilecreek.org/index.html

At the swimmin' hole

I also watched these fish awhile. It appeared to me the one on the left was making a nest of stones. The one on the right was just chillin'. Go to "What to do in the Soo" posts (March 2007) to see why I know so much about fish. Maybe even post a comment to explain what's really up with these two ichthyolers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grid 'n Garden

Soon after the snows from the April storm melted, Gail and I threw a real bash to celebrate the emerging garden and discuss the workings of the solar array on our house. Lots of great people came, lots of great people didn't come. We're just glad to have nice friends and neighbors (not that those two groups are exclusive) that were able to come see our "works in progress."

Grid, Garden 'n Gibian

Steve was just about to stir things up when this shot was taken.

Grid, Garden 'n Gals

Here's a couple of sweet gardeners. They make an asphalt pad look fantastic.

Grid, Garden 'n Grin

These guys came out from under the drink tent, but they didn't go much farther. I understand that John didn't even have a bike!

Grid, Garden 'n Gig

An awesome band played their first gig. They're looking to add a third banjo.

Grid, Garden 'n Groan

Some guests disparaged the wisdom of having the party. But I'm glad they came anyway.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Pay-Off: Part Three

I don't even know where to begin with this stunning photo! Ithaca's first recipient of the "Golden Shovel Award" for being a conscientious neighbor when some aren't. I just want people to not get discouraged when they choose to walk, I'm not out for any recognition.
But what the Sam Hill? What's that on the ring finger?!?

The Pay-Off: Part Two

What a sad theme going on here. This is an Ithaca police officer talking with one of the boys in the student apartments next door. They have been spending their nice days outside shooting cans with a pump-gun of some sort. Finally fed up with the sound of the "game" I called dispatch and put a stop to their "harmless" (illegal) fun. The cop kept the gun in lieu of issuing a ticket.

The Pay-Off

The neighborhood kids had a ball with the pile of snow a few days later. The one on the left is in the act of throwing a snowball at the college kids' cars. It's more benign than shooting them.