Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trying to Comprehend, and Stay Sane

This was worse than many of us thought it could be, and I for one was thinking some pretty dark thoughts.  I still am, and am certain some of them are yet to come, but I've seen and read much today that still gives me hope.  While lots of it washed over me and gave me a flash of optimism, nothing was really sinking in as those thoughts of what this could mean would come back and take over my head.
When I saw this map I decided to post it.  I'm not sure how optimistic I am that the 18-25 year old group went this strongly for one of these candidates, but other voices were purposely silenced from the discussion.  We've got to do better and not keep kicking the climate can down the road- it wasn't even part of the agenda this time except one acknowledged it is real, but both of them were going to act favorably for the fossil fuel industry.
So along with the map I'm including a list thoughts that came to me while I was walking Bean this morning. 

Walking With a Creature Who Only Cares About What He Smells:

I cried more on September 12, 2001, but I feel sicker today.
At least we put an end to that Christian nation misconception.
I was afraid one of them would win.  I'm terrified of who did.
Climate change just moved to #2.
Why do I keep going to the refrigerator to get things out of the cupboard and visa versa?
Why have I had to use spell check for every word of this message?
Next you're going to tell me the Cubs won the World Series.
Those out of work, high school educated (at most) former factory employees can finally start picking our produce and changing the sheets.
Think I'll stay away from the Chimes concerts today.
When someone asks, "How's it going?" It's going to be a long time before I can say, "It's great" again.

None of this is meant to be funny.

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