Tuesday, September 08, 2015

White Mountains, NH

We had excellent food and shelter for the entire trip, thanks mostly to Gail.  She cooked for us the first two places we stayed, then meals were pretty much included everywhere after that.  She found us a perfect Air B&B in Bethlehem, NH that gave us great access to the Franconia Notch area and some of the northern mountains.  Then we moved to Dry River Campground in Crawford Notch State Park where she stalked the park ranger to get an upgrade from a gravel parking spot to a brand new lean-to with an extended roof off the front, it cost an extra $4, glad she was willing to pay for it.  From there we moved to Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch at the base of Mount Washington where we also got an upgrade to a room with three bunk beds to spread all our stuff out on.  That was in addition to the double bed we slept in.  One night was in an AMC hut above tree line near the summit of Mount Washington, more on that later, and then a night at a friend's house and a night with family in the Adirondacks.
I give them all Five Star Reviews, especially the soup at Pinkham Notch.  I was really impressed how Gail managed to pack color coordinated lunches for one of our hikes so the food matched the rocks.  Thankfully none of it had wheat which causes a poison ivy-like reaction for me when I eat it which is what you see in that picture of my arm, I'd eaten some french fries that had wheat on them before we left.  I thought of Mary Ellen when I said, "At least it's not on my hands."   We also traversed many trails with abundant blueberries.

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