Tuesday, September 08, 2015

White Mountains, NH

We started out with a short hike up a small mountain with our friends Jackie, Hazel and Andrew.  Except Jackie forgot Andrew's sub so she had to go get him one while we took the long route past Artist's Bluff to get to Bald at the north end of Franconia Notch.  At one point we passed some guys using a rope to climb a boulder and Andrew told them when he climbs it he usually begins in the tree next to it and jumps onto the boulder.  More on him later.  Hazel got tired of carrying her backpack so Gail took it for her, when we got to the top to wait for Jackie, Hazel took her books out and read.  She'll do fine in kindergarten this year.  Jackie made it, but I had put away the camera.
Here's a picture of her with Gail from our bike trip through the Whites in 2011 when we hiked up the Basin.  That's Andrew to the right, taking advantage of his mom posing for a picture and turning her back on him for a chance to run up the falls:

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