Tuesday, September 08, 2015

White Mountains, NH

Our route up was the most common one, Tuckerman Ravine Trail, which goes to the famous Bowl where spring skiing is very popular, spring being a relative term as it lasts from April to July.  I kept looking at the rocks trying to imagine them covered with snow (or skiing anywhere in there), but they do indeed get buried.  The popularity of skiing accounts for this being the most deadly area of Mount Washington.  Look closely for Gail in the second and third photos, in the forth one there is a tiny red speck which is a hiker coming up behind us.  It's taken from the brook crossing most of the way up the headwall.  Once over the lip of the headwall we were in the clouds and a bit of rain so had to follow the cairns to stay on the trail.  Funny, from a couple miles away looking through binoculars it didn't seem like there was anything but rocks up there, but the plant life that manages to hold on could be described as abundant.  Short, but abundant.

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