Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WISE Beyond Her Years

There is an independent study students can take as seniors called WISE.  Mo's project was to focus on glass art, specifically blown glass, but she didn't know anyone around doing it.  When she heard about an artist a few blocks from the school doing stained glass she thought she'd look into that.  She walked into the studio to meet owner Tony Serviente and walked out with an apprenticeship.  The first project was helping create panels for an overhead garage door in his shop with a southwest motif, she did the panel 2nd from left in the top row of the door middle picture.
She also went to Corning for an event called 2300 degrees that combines glass art and music.  Since I know the director of the museum, Rob,  I grabbed a shirt I have out of the hamper (the "stinkiest shirt ever" she declared it, but she hasn't been to college yet) that Rob's wife designed for a project we did during GrassRoots set up one year.  This led her to meet him, hang out with the guest artist for some personal time, and get to be part of a commercial for CMG filmed at the event.  I can be a smooth operator sometimes.
She also helped get a new project going at Serviente Glass for the really big garage door.  Here she's cutting out and arranging blossoms for a magnolia tree.
Here she is with a piece she designed and created to keep.  Gonna miss her in school next year for sure.

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