Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Great Blue Heron Festival 2016

The Great Blue Heron Festival celebrated it's 25th year this summer, I think it was my 20th.  Things went smoother than ever, great weather, fine music and well coordinated by the folks in HQ.  Tammy really gets all the credit for what happens in HQ and there was a period I thought much more of it would fall on my shoulders as her husband had some serious health issues in the spring.  By serious I mean the doctor came out of the operating room and told Tammy he'd gone into cardiac arrest and asked if they should revive him.  She said yes and he was at the festival.
Annual Core Crew photo, the Crew Chiefs of HQ, and Chris and Ray who rarely walk anywhere on the grounds, but sometimes I tell them we don't have a golf cart for them.

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