Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GrassRoots 2016

Taking pictures is nice for more than just the memories, it also gets people to put their arms around each other and smile.  I rode up to T-burg with Connie and Andy several times during set-up for the festival so why not Thursday too?  Complete with a stop at Taughannock Trickle.  As always, Bubba George opened things up on the Infield Stage and all of a sudden it feels like I'm at some kind of reunion.  Well, I am.  A quick glance around reveals friends, expected and unexpected, from all over the northeast standing all around me.  I was quite surprised to see Julie and Steve, owners of Blue Heron Festival, they came for the day to celebrate Julie's birthday and visit family.
A few hours later Gail had arrived and wouldn't you know it, she and Annie were wearing the same outfits.

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