Saturday, March 07, 2015

Sweet Sunny South

I also took a lot of pictures of birds.  It was a good trip for birding and we saw many we hadn't before (not that we're list keepers), and some good opportunities to see familiar ones in new settings.  We saw loons almost every day which I think of as a northern lake bird, a little blue heron (new for both of us) with the coolest legs on any bird.  Snowy Egrets were plentiful, but none as cooperative as the one pictured on top here, it stalked minnows in a tidal stream for 15 minutes while I stood above in an observation tower.  The ospreys were building a nest on that pylon next to the bridge connecting Beaufort and Lady's Island, a great blue heron tried to stay warm and out of the wind one morning, and I can't remember what the shore birds in the bottom picture are but they looked much different flying than walking.

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