Saturday, March 28, 2015

Amazing Out There

Spring time, a wonderful chance to get out and spend several hours at a time outside.  As I've learned from watching the Weather Channel with Mary Ellen, It's amazing out there (Tm).  The first weekend of spring I took a ski in Six Mile Creek gorge that lasted over four hours.  I stopped by Bridal Falls to see some of the ice has broken up and been carried away by the massive melt off we're experiencing with these near-freezing temperatures, went up to the 60' dam to do my required inspections of the natural area and took the easiest route across the reservoir.  The ice patch in the middle photo is where I once had a close encounter with death when I slipped on it as I walked on the trail (there is a trail under the ice and that day it was bare ground except for the frozen falls), I started sliding down and would have ended up in the creek with ice-covered banks and raging water had I not grabbed a sapling.  It's dangerous out there too so respect the conditions.

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