Saturday, March 07, 2015

Sweet Sunny South

One day was spent driving a little farther south, but not far enough to get any warmer.  We froze in strong winds any time we got out of the car at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge in SC.  It was created on land that had been drained for agriculture, mainly rice and cotton, but returned to wetlands.  We saw an armadillo, some cool swamps, a purple gallinule (which was wandering out of its range as we later learned they do, but Gail knew what it was so the map in the book wasn't enough to convince me to argue she was mistaken).
Then we continued a little farther south to Savannah, GA so I could add a state to my list of visited.  We walked along the waterfront and got some history lessons from information kiosks but mostly saw cheesy shops and bars that weren't doing much business on a cold winter day.  While driving over this bridge to go back to Beaufort we saw an ocean freighter fully loaded come in to port, it's a very deep port.

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