Tuesday, September 05, 2017

North Country Vacation

  Our first stop was Fair Haven State Park where we got a campsite on Sterling Pond.  Gail did freshwater research here some 15-20 years ago and was looking forward to revisiting old stomping grounds.  Nice park with views of some sandstone bluffs; I recommend it.

  Another destination along this part of Lake Ontario was Chimney Bluffs State Park, a place neither of us had been to but wanted to see.  Since they didn’t have camping we went to Fair Haven with a full day to ride to Chimney Bluffs, a short ride without gear that we were considering a “day off,” except that was one ride I hadn’t checked the actual mileage of and it turned out to be 22 miles.  By the time our day off was done we’d ridden over 50 miles.  The bluffs are really cool and we witnessed quite a display of flying by some Kestrels playing King of the Mountain.
  Along the ride we saw apple orchards with manicured trees heavily laden with fruit.  We stopped at a farm for water and talked a bit with the farmer who responded to my comment that it might be a good year to come out of retirement from my apple picking career at Cornell that the equipment we were looking at carried a moving team of six pickers who drop the apples on a conveyor belt that dumps them into the bins.  “Not like the way you did it at Cornell Orchards,” he said.

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