Monday, September 04, 2017

North Country Vacation

  It was nice to have a cottage in the Adirondacks for a few days.  It let us start out with a short hike, a paddle around Wolfe Pond, lounge about, and have a kitchen to cook in (note to self:  When booking a cottage, find out if it has a kitchen first).  We had a shortcut to Haystack Mountain in Ray Brook, not the 4000 footer, it’s only 2864’.  It had an exposed face on the south side for a view of the High Peaks, I’m not sure which one is the “other” Haystack or if it´s even visible in the bottom photo, but we intended to hike Algonquin, the highest one on the right.  Marcy is the high one on the left.  I went up Haystack alone the day we arrived and got to the top just as a 20% shower arrived, in my haste to pack up and get under the shelter of the trees I left my binoculars.  I realized it when sitting on the deck of the cottage and wanting to get a good look at where I’d been.  Gail and I went up the next morning but the binoculars were gone.  Thankfully the view was as fantastic, just as we left a 10% shower began.  On the way down I ran into a good friend from Ithaca hiking with her family.

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