Friday, August 11, 2017

Recovered Files

  Just a few blocks and a sweet bike/walk from Janet's house is Delaware Park and Forest Lawn Cemetery.  Rick James rests in the same vicinity as Millard Filmore and Red Jacket, a famous Seneca orator.
  Another great bike ride was on paths that connect Delaware Park and the Niagara River.  I've known people from the Black Rock area for decades but never knew where it was until I rode to the river one day and there it was, right where it's always been.  At least since the black limestone was blasted away in the early 1800's for the Erie Canal.  Before that, Native Americans traveled there from hundreds of miles away to get the special rock that was good for tools and arrows.
  Until a 250' long ship pulled up, I didn't realize Unity Island was separated from the mainland by a lock for freighters along the river to get past the railroad bridge that crosses to Canada.  Actually I didn't know Unity Island exists.  I now know which bridge Janet was stranded on while biking years ago when it rotated 90 degrees to let a ship pass.  On this day I missed the experience by a few minutes.

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