Saturday, December 06, 2014

Three Seasons of Catching Up

I rode my bike to the Great Blue Heron Festival again, it was hot the first day but I made it to Hornell, NY.  That gave me short day to get to Mt. Irenaeus to spend a couple days felling trees with Brother Joe in a forest improvement effort.
The festival was standard fare, wonderful times with good friends and lots of great music, some of which I even played.  Red Dog Run had a blast playing their set,  Julie and Andrea are siblings loving the festival they get to put on at Julie's place every summer.  Lori and Pat Burke stay dry during a shower, looks like they must be talking about Dan's motor home.  Lori, Dan and another friend, Fred Parker, all made it to Ithaca/Trumansburg for GrassRoots a couple weeks later.  Steve, Julie (hosts) pose with Jenn who runs the program that keeps tons of recyclable products from going to the landfill. 
Sadly, it was the last time I saw good friend and coworker in HQ, Tracy Burt.  She was able to make it to the festival but succumbed to a brain tumor a little over a month later.  She and Tammy Rayborne have been holding HQ together for about ten years, I sit around and play banjo to keep everyone calm.  Tracy is on the left.  We miss her.

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