Saturday, December 06, 2014

Three Seasons of Catching Up

I went back to Westfield for my first overnight there in a couple years to attend my 30th high school reunion.  GrassRoots festival set-up prevented me from attending dinner Friday night, but I made the most of my time there and got to the picnic Saturday, dinner downtown with Howard that evening, the dance at Eason Hall later that night, Larry's Cantina post-dance, and even to the Firemen's Ox Roast the next day.  It was great to reconnect with some old friends and see who else hasn't been plagued by the aging process, Heidi Trippy and Daphne McManus certainly qualify.  I hesitate to say Howard is included because after having dinner downtown and running into the McCloskey Girls he went home for a "nap" before the dance.  He wasn't seen until Sunday afternoon.
A couple weeks ago an annual reunion of sorts happened when many Westfield friends got together in the Catskills.  We've been doing this at different locations every fall for almost 25 years. 

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