Friday, August 17, 2012

Crossing the Finger Lakes

Earlier this summer Andy Moore mentioned this idea of walking across the Finger Lakes Region and swimming across each lake. The logistics sounded pretty complicated with needing places to get into and out of the lakes, places to stay, and support vehicles with gear and food which would also transport the kayak that accompanied the swimmers. Then when I saw Andy's father-in-law, Alan Vogel, he mentioned he was going to walk 18 miles from Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake to Canoga on Cayuga Lake the next day. So I rode up to Sampson with Alan, his daughter Cori, and Cori and Andy's son Ozzie where we met the three guys doing the walk/swim. Andy, Neil and Bill were about done breaking down the camp, getting the day's route worked out with the support vehicles and nursing some aches and pains when we got there. Cori and Ozzie drove ahead all day and stopped in the shade occasionally so we could get a drink and snack. Marilyn Vogel joined us later in the day as we got close to Cayuga Lake.

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