Friday, August 17, 2012

Crossing the Finger Lakes

Andy, Neil and Bill donned their wetsuits and headed out for the east shore of Cayuga Lake with Cori along in the kayak as support. After she'd been driving the truck carrying the kayak around all day with Ozzie, it only seemed fair she get some fun in the sun. So Alan drove the truck (with a broken brake line) and Ozzie and I joined Marilyn and we drove over to Union Springs to meet them. When they emerged from the water we transferred all their stuff into Marilyn's car for Cori and Ozzie to support them the rest of the day on their way to Owasco Lake, we tied the kayak on the car roof and Alan and Marilyn and I took the truck. They dropped me off in Ithaca and went back to Trumansburg to fix the brakes.

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