Monday, June 26, 2017

WISE 2017

This year I was fortunate to once again be a mentor in the WISE program, an independent research class seniors can take.  I was Ting's mentor and would have a large role to play during her presentation, more on that below.  During Assia's presentation she asked for a volunteer to demonstrate pinning a piece of fabric on a model and I displayed skills taught to me by my grandmother over 40 years ago.
Normally the WISE presentations are given to a handful of people, a couple adult evaluators and a couple students and maybe a family member or a close friend.  Assia and Ting each had a roomful of at least a dozen people.  It was such an honor to be among them, and perhaps the finest day I've ever had at work.
The day before wasn't too bad either when Thart Kwah and Eh Soe showed us all the cooking skills they learned during their project.  They had a dozen or so people too, but that's to be expected when you bake an apple pie, a chicken pie and prepare pad thai.
Am I already looking forward to next year so I can see what WISE brings?  Yep, and looking back at last year too.

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