Friday, June 09, 2017

Thanks Mom

  Been spending quite a lot of time with my mom and siblings lately.  Mom has had some serious health setbacks and as per her wishes we are taking care of her at home.  She spent Mother's Day in the hospital and it became clear she wanted no part of that, so with help from hospice we got her discharged and back home.  That was a few weeks ago, and while she is not in great shape, she is much more content than she was there and all of us "kids" are doing for her what she did for us.  Since she lives with Janet the bulk of the care is going to her, but the rest of us are getting here as much as possible and doing what we can.
  From what Mom has been saying today, Mary Ellen is even around helping out.
  It's not widely known, but my mom invented the selfie back in the last century with a 126mm instamatic camera.  She was trying to figure out why it hadn't taken a picture, flipped it around and pushed the button again- presto, a selfie.  Too bad she didn't get a patent.

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