Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two Trips to the Mountains

For Christmas Gail and I were fortunate to get to the Adirondacks again and visit with the Arends at Piseco Lake.  As usual, Geoff, Kristi and Harper were there.  Kristi's brother, David, and his wife Vivian came from California too.  There was just enough snow to ski so I got out a couple times, but not so much that we couldn't walk in it easily as well which is how Gail and I got to this nice spot on Fall Stream, the main inlet for Piseco Lake.  I'd paddled up it last summer but didn't quite make it to Fall Lake, I got there on skis with no problem.  Next summer I'll have to paddle to Oxbow Lake if we go up since the trail I was skiing on had been ruined just before I got to the lake by a snowmobile.

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