Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not So Little Shit

Yesterday the container with Bean's food was almost empty.  There wasn't enough in it for his dinner so before going to work I went to the freezer and refilled it.  I hate for the little fella to have to eat frozen dinners, this way it would have time to thaw out.  This is about how full it was, give or take an inch.
Then at school a couple students were pestering me with those questions they think up so they won't have to learn anything they might be tested on someday.  Such as, "Mr. McMahon, do you ever swear?"
Another one said, "I bet he swears at his dog sometimes."  Really, I'm not making that up.
When I got home from work, I barely walked into the house, grabbed him quick so I could walk him and get to a 5:00 meeting.
Gail's been away so Bean thinks he's neglected and he certainly isn't getting as many treats as he's used to.  On the walk he shit three times.  Not so little shits like he usually does, more like a German Sheppard.  When we got back to the house the first thing I noticed was the cupboard door open, one that doesn't have a latch (to keep him out of the garbage) but where the food container is stored at his eye level.  Then I noticed the container of food wasn't in the cupboard.  Then I noticed the container was across the room on the floor with the lid off.  Then I noticed he wouldn't come out from under the table.  Then I noticed the two pools of piss on the floor.  Sorry about the crude language, I don't usually swear in these posts, especially now that a teacher has used this blog in classroom instruction, but he shit again before going to bed (unheard of), five times this morning and plenty more this afternoon.

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