Sunday, March 08, 2009

Joan Baez Sells Out Bar Angus

So how does one come about to get Joan Baez's first-ever autograph on a NASCAR SPECIAL? When she shows up with her band, Dirk Powell, Scott Nygaard, Todd Phillips, and her son Gabe Harris at the Bar Angus roadhouse bar just south of Trumansburg. You know, the one with the life-size Angus Bull on the roof. Dirk is friends with members of The All American Hell Drivers who were playing there. Now Gail and I went to hear The Hell Drivers a few years ago at the Bar Angus, which is pretty much the only place they play. On that night we were the only two listening to the band and when a regular patron from the bar used the bathroom the septic system released a volume of gas to rival the band's volume. Things were different this time...

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