Sunday, March 08, 2009

Joan Baez Sells Out Bar Angus

On this night two remarkably divergent events combined into a surreal one. Joan Baez put on a stellar show at The State Theater. I wasn't going to go, but when a friend, Michael Hansen, mentioned he loves Joan, I burned a copy of her 2003 State Theater show that the dearly departed Brian Alger had recorded. I thought, that was a great show, why would I skip this one? Two efforts to get on the usher list didn't work, and when I tried to win tickets from WVBR I didn't even get through using two phones. But the person who did get through was Beth Orenstein, who was leaving town for the week and gave the phone to Kathleen Purdy who accepted them, but didn't want to go. Gail and I walked in a few minutes later and she offered us the tickets. When I found out Dirk Powell was in her band I figured he might sit in with Long John and the Tights during their happy hour set at Felicia's. He didn't play with them, but he came by and told Michael (also there) about the plan to go to The Bar Angus after the show, with Joan.

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Mary said...

Hi Joe, She is dancing with Dirk, not David