Monday, August 04, 2008

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

It was twenty years ago I found myself in this area as a resident. Initially I was splitting my time between Mary Ellen's house in Newark Valley (or my sister "Nearby" as one Mexican acquaintance understood her name to be), my girlfriend Lynda's apartment in Endicott, and on this farm pictured on Honeypot Rd. in Candor.
In time I became a full time resident on the farm with Carol Chambers, Jim Vendryes and Matt, Dylan and Will. Underneath the phantom road Fresh Logic Studios (they supplied all the aerial photos for these posts) inserted into the picture is the log cabin we built and I lived in. The logs for the cabin came from State forest up the road and were cut and delivered about the same time I moved in. Carol and her first husband, Mike Ainsworth, made part of the barn into a residence and over the years we expanded the living space to accommodate Carol and Jim and the boys using lumber milled from trees cut out of the woods in the top left of the picture. We used draft horses to do the logging. The garden was behind the barn, garlic being the main crop, we grew up to 1000 lbs. in a year. The pond was added after I left, and you can see by clicking on the picture it's just starting to fill.

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