Thursday, January 01, 2015

Neighborhood Highlights

A nice snowfall between Thanksgiving and Christmas got us out on the skis a couple times. It also got me singing a song I love at this time of year, the first written by Richie Stearns when he was a wee lad.  For the record, I'm not tired of standing on this cold, cold ground.
Gail, Darby and I did the Rec Way and I was able to get into the woods adjacent to Six Mile Creek too.  After they turned back towards home I went down to check out the progress on the upgrades to Ithaca's water supply.  The bottom picture is the new infrastructure at the dam and reservoir.  They will be adding some chemicals to the water when it's pumped out of the creek that will mix in on the way to the water treatment plant.  They also built a landing area that will facilitate the dredging that's been put off for many years but needs to be done or we'll calling the reservoir a puddle someday.

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