Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two Trips to the Mountains

Towards the end of the loop I took a spur trail to the top of Cat Mountain.  That trail passes Glasby Pond which is in both of these pictures, and that's Cat Mtn. reflected in it.  From here it was a quick walk on a flat trail past Cranberry Lake and back to my rental car with the dead battery.  One must be careful with those push-button ignitions.  And it's pretty remarkable that an area as serene as Five Ponds adjoins Cranberry Lake as that body of water is anything but peaceful.  If you go there, expect crowds.  I had a dog come after me as I walked past a lean-to, the owners couldn't be bothered to get it away from me, and some guys had set up several "tents" complete with propane-fired grills blocking the marked trail along the lake shore. 

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