Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beginning of Fall

Over Labor Day Weekend I took care of two ambitions I had for the summer.  One was to spend a night in the lean-to on the section of the Finger Lakes Trail that Gail and I maintain with our neighbor.  Despite living within a few miles of it for 15 years and taking care of the trail for several, I'd never camped there.  I also wanted to create something with a rock pile along the trail.  Way back in 2003 I made my first cairn about a quarter-mile from here and it's since been labeled the "Unusual Rock Pile" in the Cayuga Trails Club guidebook.  For this one I decided on another thing that Andy Goldsworthy had done and went ahead with another cheap knock-off.  Originally it was just going to encase this nearly horizontal tree, but then I decided to extend it and ring the clump of red maples.  When I returned this weekend with friends Connie and Andy, Connie suggested a slight change to make it look like a dragon or serpent (I can never keep the two straight).  It's still got some work to go.

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