Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Hip Vacation

As I've posted before, a trip to NY usually involves a visit with Glenn DiBiasi and maybe a visit to the building he manages. This time I had the added adventure of doing his commute out to Long Island and back to see his home and visit with Mary Ann and Jackie. Glenn was a little grumpy (shocking) due to my having to go through a security check to get up to his office when he'd left instructions to let me straight up, and the fact that he was picking up his tax return from the accountant and wasn't happy about how much he has to pay "to take care of other people." All for naught, security thought I was driving in and were prepared to wave my car through, and he got a little return from the IRS. I got to see almost all their cars, and it's true, most of the rooms in the house have car parts. Here's the guest bed next to a hood.

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