Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maine to NY

More reasons to cut a trip short, had we been there a couple weeks later. Hurricane Irene devastated most of the roads we traveled in NH and VT. I think we rode almost all of Rt. 132 which isn't reported to be closed so I don't think the caption on the website I stole this pic from was correct. Our friend Kate joined us along this stretch after we dropped in on her and Bill at their place along the Connecticut River and went for a swim. I think this spot is south of Union Village along the Ompampanoosuc River. The second picture is what's left of a section of a road one of our hosts gave us a ride down to where it meets a paved one. It had rained all night and was pretty wet and muddy, plus it was still raining even though the radar showed it being clear. It would have been hard to imagine it being this bad. How many times does climate change have to beat us over the head before we realize we have to rethink much of our lives? Consider life in Rochester, VT where we stopped for a nice lunch in the shady village park.

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