Friday, January 21, 2011


This will be only the second post without a picture, but there was no photographic evidence of an event this week that must be digitally documented. Walking to work, on a section of sidewalk far from any buildings, a loud "thwap" startled me and caused me to jump away. After a second of disbelief I began laughing and have continued to laugh every time it's come to mind since then. A grilled cheese sandwich had fallen from the sky. It instantly made me think of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, the original, not the lame version released to coincide with a movie put out a few years ago. It also made me think of living with Tommy the Crow and all his shinanigans we endured for years. Because when I looked up into the sky there was a crow circling, waiting for me to move away from the breakfast it had just dropped.
It also has made me ponder how an event can change my expectations. I once found a perfectly good acoustic guitar in a dumpster, and now every time I walk past that dumpster I half expect to find another one. Or at least a banjo. And now I will never be able to walk the path between Stewart Ave. and Redbud Parking lot without looking up to see if I need to take evasive actions from the next falling grilled cheese sandwich.

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