Sunday, September 12, 2010

Round New York, all Downhill

On the third day, we tested Gail's riding endurance and acceptance of life with me. There's some previous history with me taking for granted our accommodations for the night, but not enough to teach me a lesson. There was only one campground on the map along the south-east side of Great Sacandaga Lake, and it involved a 68-mile ride to get to, further than Gail had gone this summer, but by no means too far. I suppose if I'd called ahead I would have learned it's one of those campgrounds that don't take campers, then made other arrangements. But no, they turned us away because we didn't have an RV and wouldn't be staying long enough and told us to ride 30 miles to the campground directly across the lake. Lucky us (OK, me) there was a place two miles up the road with cottages and we got one looking directly over the lake.

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