Monday, October 13, 2008

Seeking Attention

Here's one person's way to "get the attention" of a neighbor.
This happened at 5 am and resulted in two calls (only one by me) to the police about a disturbance. I met the police when they arrived so they would be sure to go to the right place as I had given the wrong information over the phone. As we heard a loud bang it was clear they could find it without any further assistance from me and I went back into the house. The officers left after speaking with the guy for a few minutes, he was throwing pebbles at a window when they approached him and he admitted he'd had way too much to drink and should go to bed so he wouldn't bother anyone any more.
He's had our attention since he moved in back in August with his frequent screams of obscenities, now we're wondering to what degree he might go to get the attention of his next door neighbor.

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