Saturday, September 13, 2008

Steve Earle at The State

This week I finally got to a Steve Earle concert after listening to him for almost twenty years. It was at Ithaca's Historic State Theater and like a few other shows I've been to there, it goes on my all-time great concerts list. I'll leave the review to the professional writers, but I've got to say he said it best when he said he "is a miracle" after all he's been through. And yet he keeps writing great songs and doing shows like the one the other night where he plays for over two hours, giving it his all to the point he's drenched in sweat after the first fifteen minutes.
In reality it wasn't the first time I'd seen him live. Gail and I were in Saratoga Springs for a one-day festival this summer and he performed for about an hour, but it was just a taste and he was too far away in the big venue and tough to see/hear, it was enough to increase my anticipation. Another time I was in Washington for a rally opposing the war that still rages (even if we don't hear much about it anymore), guess we haven't been singing loud enough, and he was coming up on the bill but the buses were heading back to Ithaca and I had to leave before he came on. I just spent half my morning with him on Youtube, and came across this song from that show. I thought it was brilliantly used for the radio advertisements for his Ithaca show.

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