Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Francis Visit

John Francis, banjo player and author of PlanetWalker, How To Change Your World One Step At A Time came to speak and perform at Cornell and Grassroots. Thanks to the fact that I am married to his Ph.D advisor's awesome daughter, I got to spend a nice amount of time with him. We passed the banjo back and forth, and were accompanied by the guitar of our mutual friend, Jerry Mirskin. Gail and I ate a really swank dinner at Banfi with him instead of a meal at the laid back, hippie vegetarian hang out.
Of course I took him to see some of Ithaca's finest sights.
In case you don't know who John is, he gave up motorized vehicles for 22 years and didn't speak for 17 of those. If you would like his book, I still have some copies and owe him the $.

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